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Coming Soon: The Ohio City Argus

There's a lot happening in Ohio City, and it's our mission to cover it.

Introducing the Ohio City Argus, a new newspaper dedicated exclusively to covering Cleveland's premier historic neighborhood.

Our feature-driven coverage will highlight some of the most interesting aspects of Ohio City ... from neighborhood businesses and residents ... to new residential and commercial developments ... to community initiatives.

The Ohio City Argus is also unique in that it's an all-volunteer effort, with proceeds from the publication benefiting Ohio City Near West (OCNW) Development Corporation, the organization overseeing the continued renaissance of the neighborhood.

Each issue of the Ohio City Argus will include the following departments:

  • Resident Spotlight, which introduces readers to one of the many interesting people who call Ohio City home
  • Business Focus, which highlights an establishment that contributes to the rich fabric of neighborhood life
  • Market Feature, which showcases a particular vendor at the historic West Side Market, an Ohio City institution since 1912
  • Events and Activities, which will include an in-depth feature on one of the events for which Ohio City has come to be known, including the annual Evening in Ohio City, Ohio City Home Tour, Open Air in Market Square, Ohio City Run & Crawl and Ohio City Blues Fest.
  • OCNW Corner, which provides the latest news from Ohio City's community development corporation
  • Historical Artifacts, which discusses a particular facet of Ohio City's long and rich history

In 2009, we will publish four issues of the Ohio City Argus: winter (February-March), spring (May-June), summer (August-September) and holiday (November/December).

The Ohio City Argus will be available free of charge at participating Ohio City shops, restaurants, nightspots and other establishments, and will be distributed at all Ohio City events throughout the year. It also will be available for subscription by mail.

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Volume 1, Issue 1, Posted 11:32 AM, 01.06.2009